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Water Line &
Rental Division

Oilfield Supply

Depth Capacity – 4,700’

Spencer–Harris 3500, trailer mounted, Baker N–4 S/D Drawworks powered by CAT 3406T diesel engine (475HP) coupled to a torque converter. Foster hydraulic makeup & breakout catheads, belt driven hydraulic pump and Quincy 375 air compressor.
Spencer–Harris 96’ hydraulic raised & cable scoped 4 – leg mast, 150,000# hook load 5 crown sheaves, grooved for 1" drill line, racking board, 4" stand pipe.
Rig floor is 7’ high X 14’ wide with stairs & V–Door. 1–piece mud boat is 12"high x 37’ long x 12’ wide. Pony sub is 30" high.
Mud Pumps:
#1 EW 15W600 Duplex pump, belt driven, powered w/ Cat D-353 diesel engine.
#2 EW 15W600 Duplex pump, belt driven, powered w/ Cat D-353 diesel engine.
Mud System:
Earth pit system w/ 2 – 12" cone desander w/ 5 X 6 centrifugal pump powered by Cat 3304T diesel engine, mud mixing hopper, all mounted on 8’ X 12’ master skid.
Rotating Equipment
18" Skytop Brewster, 44" centers and split master bushing.
Utility House/Generators.
Main Generator ? Cat 210 KW, 220 3 phase generator set powered by Cat 3306T diesel engine.
Standby Generators- Cat 100 KW, 220 3 phase generator set powered by Cat 3304T diesel engine.
Quincy 375 air compressor with10 HP electric motor.
All the above mounted inside 8’ wide X 13’ long utility house, electric control panel with wiring, lights mounted on 1981 Hobbs 40’ long trailer, along with a 2000 gallon fuel tank.
Water Tank & Top Dog House Comb.
300 barrel open top water storage tank, 7’8" W X 26’ L dog house scopes down inside of water tank.
B.O.P. Equipment
8" 3M Regan annular.
Drill String
150 Jts. 4" FH 14.40# Grade E, 4 ¼" X 40’ long square Kelly w/ shuck.
Traveling Equipment
McKissick 75 ton traveling block unitized w/ BJ 75 Ton Hydra Hook, TL 120 ton swivel.
Miscellaneous Related Equipment
Mathey Hydraulic wire line w/ 15 HP Electric Motor. 1 - 8’ X 30’ junk box setup w/4 station closing unit.

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